Holistic Yoga

"Arjuna, those who eat too much or eat too little, who sleep too much or who sleep too little, will not succeed in meditation. But those who are temperate in eating and sleeping, work and recreation, will come to the end of sorrow through meditation."   Krishna talking to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita

The Devon School of Yoga's (DSY) Holistic approach believes that we are all here to find ways to express our own unique individual creativity.

Through the practice and experience of holistic yoga, a practitioner is able to adapt their practices to suit their unique individual needs. Taking into consideration their current state of health, their energy levels, the length of  time they have to practise and the season etc, as all of these influence the type of practice they undertake. This allows for freedom rather than adhering to dogma.

Holistic means that every part of the individual is intimately interconnected and can only be  fully understood within the context of the whole. Yoga means ‘to join’ or ‘to unify’ and is a method by which the individual is able to establish whole health, clarity, balance and peace. In a holistic yoga practice, all aspects of one's whole being are nourished and balanced through heightened awareness of the integration of physical, mental and spiritual self-development.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience happiness and good health. The holistic approach to yoga offers a means by which this is achievable through regular practice, study and self reflection.  In a holistic yoga practice, as well as learning the asanas (postures), students will also be taught about pranayama (breathing techniques), kriyas (purification exercises), dhyana (meditation), savasana & nidra (deep relaxation) and also yogic philosophy and lifestyle guidance including sattvic (balanced) dietary suggestions.

This approach to yoga is accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender, flexibility, fitness or previous yoga experience. The practice is non-competitive and fosters self-awareness, self-reflection, self-reliance and independence which encourages responsibility for developing health and happiness.

Holistic yoga draws inspiration from a range of yoga paths and traditions and students are encouraged to explore a broad spectrum of practices.

Holistic yoga is a way of life that can be experienced by anyone with the intention to experience balance within every aspect of their being, leading to wholeness and oneness consciousness.

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yoga torquay 2019

Holistic Workshop Yoga Torquay 2020

31st May 2020

10:00 - 16:30
Yoga Torquay
With Duncan Hulin

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Holistic Summer Workshop 2020

2oth June 2020

11:00 - 18:00
The Yoga Barn
With Duncan Hulin

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North India Autumn Retreat 2020

Basunti Private Retreat Centre
20 October - 5 November 2020
Two places available

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Autumn Holistic Yoga Retreat 2020

13 - 15 November 2020
Rill Estate, South Devon

3pm Friday until 3pm Sunday (2 nights)


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