Holistic Therapies

Holistic Therapies, Healthcare & Personal treatments.

Duncan Hulin offers a range of holistic therapies based around Shiatsu and his own experience of yoga as a body therapy tool.

Holistic therapy treatments start with a thorough consultation where specific problems and issues can be discussed and a plan of therapy can be agreed. Patients receive their treatment on a futon mattress using a range of techniques. These include gentle stretches, guided breathing exercises and application of pressure on key points.

Treatments are a deeply relaxing experience and the patient always has time after a treatment to be still and recuperate before leaving the treatment room.

Depending on the diagnosis, a repeat treatment may be necessary. There may also be a series of exercise that are recommended for patients to complete at home.


Yoga Therapy.

Guidance on an individual programme including specific physical exercises, breathing techniques, relaxation, meditations, self massage and dietary guidance. The emphasis being on what you can do for yourself as the responsibility for developing health and happiness lies within each individual.

Shiatsu & DSY Yoga Bodywork.

Shiatsu and DSY Yoga Bodywork are both a clothes-on form of massage using acupressure, stretching, manipulation, postural alignment and palm healing to relax and stimulate the body’s energy channels (nadis/meridians). This improves circulation, flexibility and posture, promoting one’s own innate self-healing abilities to prevent disease and restore vitality. The treatment relaxes and rejuvenates the body/mind and is particularly helpful to Yoga students, improving suppleness, releasing deep tensions and inducing a meditative level of consciousness.

“Duncan’s shiatsu and yoga therapy sessions have helped me relax and take command of myself rather than being swept along by the tides of modern life. There has also been a marked improvement in the alignment of my body despite having osteoarthritis in my hip.”


Reflexology with Hannah Hulin.

Reflexology is a non-invasive holistic therapy where pressure is applied to the feet and/or hands. Applying gentle pressure to these reflexes can stimulate the body’s natural flow of energy to bring about deep relaxation and allow the body to naturally heal and re-balance both physically and emotionally.

Reflexology can help to
• Alleviate stress
• Improve the immune system
• Relieve pain
• Encourage better circulation
• Improve bowel movements
• Clear the body of toxins
• Promote deep relaxation
• Enhance reproductive health

For more information and appointments please email
Hannah or call 07817 414337

“As a father, husband and businessman, my life has been enhanced by Duncan’s shiatsu and yoga therapy sessions. They have helped my busy life to become more whole and satisfying, giving me perspective, balance and positivity on all levels of my being.”

Paul, Taunton