Yoga Foundation Course starts February 2024.
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Our Yoga Foundation Course offers a broad base of practices from which yoga students can enrich and develop their yoga life skills. It is aimed at yoga students who wish to deepen their practice, knowledge and experience of yoga and want to explore the subject in more detail.

The course offers a broad base of practices enabling yoga students to enrich and develop their yoga skills. It consists of 70 taught hours and two comprehensive course manuals are provided.

Our ten-day Yoga Foundation Course is taught over five monthly weekends, two of which are a Friday to Sunday full board residential, which is included in the course fee. The non-residential weekends are held at the Lotus Loft in central Exeter (Saturdays and Sundays, 10 am – 5 pm), and the residential weekends are held at the Namaste Barn Yoga and Meditation Centre in Ideford near Chudleigh (from 3 pm on arrival day to 3 pm on departure day).

This course is also a prerequisite for our 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course (if the other requirements are not met).

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Yoga Foundation Course in Devon

Peaceful and beautiful environments.

Our weekend yoga training courses and retreats are in idyllic settings that are peaceful and perfect for learning and sharing yoga. Accommodation for the retreats is on-site, and we provide excellent plant-based food that is nourishing and freshly prepared by the School’s chef, Andrea. The Yoga studio is purpose-built and well-equipped, with underfloor heating and lots of natural light.

Our Yoga Foundation Course Video.

This video gives an overview of our Postgraduate Yoga Therapy Course and what students can expect from the course. This course takes place in the beautiful countryside of Devon over several weekends. Our tutors discuss the programme’s aims and why it’s an excellent way for Yoga teachers to enhance their teaching skills.

“Gratitude and thanks to everyone at the DSY. The combination of teachers, subjects and venues really did make it a life changing experience”.

Tony, Foundation Course Graduate.

Our teachers.

You’ll benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our tutors, who combined, have a extensive range of experience in the study and teaching of yoga. They have trained with some of the worlds most highly respected teachers from a wide range of yoga schools and traditions.

Each one of our teachers brings something unique to our foundation course. This eclectic mix of backgrounds and expertise creates an ideal environment for students to gain a broad-based introduction to the inspiring practice of yoga.

Yoga Foundation Course areas of study include:

  • Preliminary exercises
  • Asanas – yoga postures
  • Kriyas: exercises to cleanse and purify the internal organs and to strengthen the immune system using breath and bandha only
  • Pranayama: breathing exercises to retain and extend the flow of vital energy
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Basic meditations
  • Mudras and Bandhas: psychological processes acting on the nervous and subtle energy systems
  • Introduction to Subtle Anatomy: Chakras, Koshas, Nadis, theoretical and practical understanding
  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology
  • Yoga Philosophy: Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Ashtanga (eight-fold path), Kleshas and introduction to classical texts
  • Mantra: chanting sound vibrations
  • Dietary guidelines: Ayurvedic and naturopathic approaches
  • Two comprehensive course manuals provided

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Course Dates

The Yoga Foundation Course takes place over five weekends:

  • 17-18 February
  • 1-3 March (Residential)
  • 23-24 March
  • 27-28 April
  • 10-12 May (Residential)

Course fees.

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The course fees total £1350 for 10 days of tuition (4 of which are full board residential where accommodation, all meals and all drinks are provided). The non-residential days of the course are held at the Lotus Loft Yoga Studio in Exeter and the residential weekends are held at the Namaste Barn Yoga and Meditation Studio in Ideford near Chudleigh.

Other than no absolute beginners, there are no prerequisites for the course beyond enthusiasm and commitment for self-growth and enhancing awareness.

On completion of the course a certificate is awarded.

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“A gigantic thank you for such a wonderful foundation course! It was truly transformational! I cannot praise all the teachers at the school enough for all their invaluable input and passion for sharing all their knowledge about this beautiful art with us!”

Oda, FC graduate.